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Questions Fréquemment Posées

What Is NeuroAttention Method?

The NeuroAttention Method is a cognitive performance improvement system.
It is a unique mental training system in which the performance is maximized by
enabling the visual, auditory and tactile perception systems work both separately
and simultaneously.

What Is The Purpose of NeuroAttention Method?

With the trainings and softwares we have designed to activate our mental
abilities and to reveal our potential more easily, our aim is to make learning
faster, easier and permanent and to contribute to the training of individuals who
want to use their brains more effectively in every field.

What Is The Basis On It?

It is based on the principles of parallel distributed processing of information and
it activates the cognitive control mechanism.

How Do You Apply Your Method?

Participant attend our exercises actively.
There are four ways by applying exercises:
a-) Cognitive-based exercises are applied with the simultaneous use of the
b-) Exercises based on working memory function which we call task
c-) Visual attention, short-term memory and working memory exercises applied
as independently of time.
d-) Movement-based exercises which make body and cognitive functions work

In Which Areas Is It Useful?

In any learning activity!
With the NeuroAttention Method, you perceive information quickly and learn
more permanently.
Your mental function of recalling information becomes easier and clearer.
Your level of mental concentration increases both in strength and duration.

How Much Time Should You Spend Daily?

Grup Eğitimlerinde;

There are group trainings, one-to-one sharings and distance education system in
our training. All of them take 45-60 minutes approximately per day.
The exercises can be applied from the beginning to the end in one go or they can
be divided into two or three parts during the day.

How Does Your Distance Education System Work?

Eğitimlerimizin büyük kısmı uzaktan eğitim yöntemi ile paylaşıma müsaittir. NeuroAttention exercises are available for sharing through distance education
method. The important thing is that the individual has the motivation to spend
daily time and takes responsibility for development.
The system consists of video tutorials and related documents. It is structured to
be applied day by day to achieve targeted neuroplasticity.
Consultancy support is provided if it is needed during the process.

Cognitive Development Games

They are software programs for cognitive development that are structured in the
form of games by based on the Neuro Attention Method.